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Dear tennis friends,

I often write about the tennis projects in Most with a strange sad humbleness. At the same time, the European hopes for their under-14 individual championship came to the Pod koňským vrchem area for the first time in 2017. The championship then had the experienced hand of the club boss, my closest colleague and great friend, Jaroslav Tačner, from start to finish. When there was a search for an organizer before, Jarda applied for the task with sincere openness, with an effort to help, and I was very happy about it. I keep repeating, the Czech Tennis Association always tries to help those who have our tennis deep in their hearts, and Jarda had it as deeply as possible. In addition, as a representative of tennis Europe, it has always been very important to me that the Tennis Europe tournaments have the highest quality label in the Czech Republic. It was always like that, even when covid took the world by force and stopped European tennis in many places. That was when I decided to organize the European Youth Games in the Czech Republic and in Most, Jarda and I had a good time and we listened very well to the words of appreciation and thanks from the heads of the national teams after the Games were over. These are exactly the stories that give wings to courageous life decisions. The organizers of Most are among the experienced organizers for a long time. And I want to believe that there will never be a shortage of enthusiastic devotees!

And how did the European under-14 individual championship go in Most last year? It brought huge success to Czech tennis, it clearly won the Nations Cup in the overall ranking, the fresh fourteen-year-old Alena Kovačková became a two-time European champion. The girls‘ doubles were dominated by Czechs, the title of European champion was won by Eliška Forejtková alongside Alena Kovačková, in the final the young Czechs defeated their compatriots Laura Samsonová and Veronika Sekerková. Filip Košárko and Jan Raštica won silver in the boys‘ doubles.

Tennis youngsters from 41 countries presented themselves in Most, the local organizers welcomed the fourteen-year-old European hopefuls for the fourth time. The hard-working team under the leadership of Libor Tačner and Zuzana Kolářová has once again done a perfect job, consistently continuing the legacy of Jaroslav Tačner, who led the Most Club among the best organizers with the stamp of European quality. That still makes me happy, even if the joy sometimes has a coat of sadness. Immediately after the European Championship, Most will traditionally once again welcome one of the qualifying groups of the European Summer Cup, girls under 18. Even though some 18-year-old players preferred the professional circuit last year, they still advanced smoothly from the Most group to the finals in Granville, France. In it, however, tennis luck turned its back on them, they finished fourth without a medal. What tennis fate took from them last year, maybe they will return it this year, but you cannot count on it. But what will be certain? Most‘s group of devotees will once again do a perfect job.

I would like to thank all the business partners who are not afraid to invest in young Czech tennis players, the city of Most and the Region of Ústí nad Labem, all those who help create new chances for Czech talents and contribute to the worthy representation of Czech tennis in Europe.

Ivo Kaderka,
president of Czech Tennis Association and Tennis Europe

Dear tennis friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you all to the opening of next European tournaments, which you can watch at the Tennis Club premises in Most. From July 17, we will watch together European Junior Championship, when juniors up to 14 years of age will compete, from July 26 we will see the matches of teams - players up to 18 years of age, who will then qualify for the next rounds of the Reina SoisBalt competition as part of the competition Summer Cup 2023.

Together we stand on the threshold of the third season, when we remember in our thoughts the long-time president of our club, player and official, vice-president of the Czech Tennis Association, my father - Jaroslav Tačner. He has always been and still is an inspiration and role model for me, I try to continue in his footsteps with respect and maximum effort. In these steps we are supported by the entire organizational team, whom I would like to thank sincerely for their diligence, effort and always perfectly done work. I would also like to thank the city of Most, the Ústí nad Labem Region and of course all our sponsors for their support. Without the support of these institutions and companies we would have a very difficult time organizing events of European format.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the Czech Tennis Association, headed by its President Ivo Kaderka, for their significant trust and support over the years. We are very happy to be a partner of the Czech Tennis Association in organizing such important tennis events. I‘m keeping my fingers crossed for Czech colors and high quality tennis.

Ing. Libor Tačner,
Chairman of the Tennis Club Most